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I got into the field of education as an English teacher, beginning with a short stint in Venezuela and later in Japan.

While in Japan, I was fortunate to see a wide variety of learners and learning environments, including suburban high schools, universities in major cities like Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto, and eventually more and more work in a corporate training L & D role.

I was fortunate to land corporate training roles for companies like Google Japan, Panasonic, UFJ Bank, Dentsu, and Suntory. This cross-cultural experience has given me an appreciation of the value of being flexible, patient, and resourceful – and most importantly, reliable.

In Japan, I eventually found myself offered a wide variety of opportunities outside of teaching and training – such as audio editing, voice acting, technical writing, and project management. Since I come from a music and film background, versatility and resourcefulness have always been necessities I’m proud to be able to showcase.

During the great pandemic, I began working remotely and devoting more thought and energy to an area of education I had been doing for years but didn’t know had a name: Instructional Design.

In addition to completing my Master’s in Instructional Design and technology, I began developing more and more eLearning projects and delivering my remote training with a keener eye to applying adult learning theory and methodologies.

In my free time, I enjoy filmmaking, music production, web entrepreneurship, and spending time with my family.

I plan to be able to work on projects I love and believe in, regardless of geography.

I’m a proud supporter of #TeamSeas, DonorsChoose, and other charities I hope you look into as well!

– James

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