Animated Videos (Vyond)


A brief animated video introduction integrated into an Articulate Rise concept project.

Audience – adult learners in ABC corp; staff is enrolled in “Customer Service Champs” training course

Responsibilities – script writing, character animation, video output and delivery

Tools used – Vyond (Go Animate), Microsoft Word


Proof-of-concept projects in my graduate course MEd Instructional Technology (2022):

Course: Design of Instructional Media

Referencing the course design plan you created for your online training module, select one piece of content to feature in an audiovisual presentation.

Compose a script for the audiovisual presentation appropriate to your target audience including:

⦁ Introduction to the content
⦁ Description of the content
⦁ Learning goal(s) and objective(s)
⦁ Instructional activities
⦁ Technology that will be integrated
⦁ Assessment (i.e., how will learning will be assessed?)

Select an audiovisual tool to create your narrated video with graphics.

Use either a concept map or a storyboard to determine the main ideas you will include in the video introduction to the online training course.

From the concept map or storyboard, develop a script for your course introduction video.

CS Champs Module 1 Intro

CS Champs Course Overview

Approach and Process

I designed, wrote, narrated and delivered these two animated videos, integrating all course-based content referenced above. For one video I used my own voice as placeholder narration, and for the other I used text-to-speech solutions native to the Vyond platform.


The videos are now housed in the Articulate Rise concept course “Customer Service Champs – certification”, as previews and/overviews of the content modules.


Both videos were well received by class peers and the instructor asked that my work be exhibited as a demonstration sample for integrating animated Vyond videos within the online course. The quality of the pacing, visual theme, audio and animation synchronization were highlighted by many reviewers.

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